DECEMBER 20 Speed Friending This Thursday at Craig HS


Dec 20:  Speed Friending: Celebrating 20 Years of DAT

6:30-8:00pm, at Craig High School, 401 S Randall Ave., South Entrance #37, Janesville, WI

Meet new and old friends in our community in an interactive speed friending activity. Enjoy cake, snacks and coffee while sharing some stories and observations of change over the last 20 years of Diversity Action Team of Rock County.

What DAT means to me…..

DAT’s monthly programs focus on diverse topics and they have provided me with new information and often different perspectives. Hearing other peoples’ experiences lessens fear of the unknown. DAT creates avenues of knowledge and action! It honors respect for all peoples. The people I have met through DAT continue to give me hope!

Jeanne Carfora

Growing up in Janesville, there was very little opportunity to become friends with others of a diverse background.  In my 80’s I decided to make a concerted effort to join DAT and meet new and interesting friends.  The experience has been very rewarding.  I thank the group for this wonderful opportunity to expand my understanding of the joys and concerns of the new, more diverse population of Janesville.    Mary Baban-Ramsdell

Being involved in DAT for 20 years has been a blessing for me as it has opened my eyes and mind to appreciating different cultures and other’s perspectives.  We are never to old to learn and make new friendships.
Leslie Brunsell

I found some of my best friends through Diversity Action Team. I met people from all walk of lives who have respect ✊ for differences . Also I always had fun while I learned new things to do better on understanding others.
Jaleh Dabiri

I like to be in the same room of people that support the underdogs in this world.   Kudos to the DAT. Sincerely, Dave Evans

As a relative newcomer to DAT, I have been excited to find a group of spirited, active, committed individuals who are concerned about equal acceptance and treatment for everyone, no matter what race, ethnic group, economic status, religion, sex, political party, etc.  DAT helps to keep me informed about ways I can stand up and exemplify what I believe are important issues in living a good life for myself and helping others as I can.
Sharon Williams

Through my membership in DAT, I have gained knowledge, understanding and continued acceptance of the many differences in the people that make up our communities and the world around us.

Anita Hawkins

The DAT has opened the world for me.  I’ve been a member for many years.  This is a community of amazing people with a shared desire to come together and learn from each other.  I have friends in DAT that I will cherish forever!

Barb Fett

DAT has given me a voice. Through this group I have been able to act on my beliefs regarding human dignity and social justice for all people. I cherish the  lifelong friends I have met in DAT. My 18 years of involvement have led me to positive life changes.

Jill Gant