League of Women Voters Forward Together – Saturday, February 11th

Forward Together: Advancing Democracy: February 11, 10:00 a.m.

Please join us in celebrating the mission of the League of Women Voters and the association between the Janesville and Beloit Leagues. We invite you to attend our annual event: “Forward Together: Advancing Democracy.” The Beloit League is taking the lead in organizing this year’s event which will be held via Zoom. Please spread the word!!

Speaker for this event will be Rock County Circuit Court Judge Ashley Morse. Her presentation will be “When Race and Trauma Collide: The need for trauma-informed care for BIPOC youth” [Black, Indigenous, and People of Color]. Judge Morse has been very involved in studying the need for trauma-informed care of youth. She hopes the community will better understand what it means for youth to receive trauma-informed care. Judge Morse will also give a snapshot of the courts after COVID.

There will also be time for introductions of all elected officials and candidates who are in attendance at the event.

This event is FREE and open to the public, but donations to support the work of the Leagues of Women Voters of Beloit and Janesville will be gratefully accepted. DONATIONS WILL BE SHARED EQUALLY BETWEEN THE TWO LEAGUES. To make a donation, go to https://www.lwvjvl.org/donate-copy  or mail your donation to LWV of Beloit Treasurer, 2318 Parkmeadow Dr., Beloit, WI 53511.

To register for the event and to receive the Zoom link, please click! https://tinyurl.com/37fs24hr

For questions, please email Bette Carr, at [email protected]

Beloit League of Women Voters and Janesville League of Women Voters