NOVEMBER 22 – Courageous Conversation: Roots of immigration fears and practices

Courageous Conversations, Monday, November 22, 5:30 pm

Our theme for November is “Roots of immigration fears and practices:  Part 2 – Local support, local experiences.”

Rock County continues to host new immigrants.  There are people and supports to make our communities welcoming to them.

To register for the discussion (newly each month), please go to:

You’ll need to answer a few demographic questions for our funders. Thanks for your patience.

 An unmoderated 30 minutes will begin at 7 pm.  (We’re calling it The Parking Lot).

Just to remind us all – the agreements for Courageous Conversations are:

1) stay engaged, 2) experience discomfort, 3) speak your truth and

4) expect and accept non-closure.

 We hope to see you on Monday.

Amiee, Beth & Neil