SEPT 26 Peace Walk – Safety from Violence

Walk for Neighborhood Safety from Violence

          Wednesday, September 26,  5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

4th Ward Park

                           All who live in the 4th Ward are asked to gather at 4th Ward Park  (see above date & time)  to call forth a blanket of safety from the violent incidents our neighborhood experienced last year.  This is scheduled in the middle of the city’s PEACE WEEK activities.

Our intent is to invite a spirit of safety and peace to be over the neighborhood and in our actions.  Spiritual leaders who have connections to the residents of the Ward will lead us as we walk to each corner of the park.  In addition, bicyclists will leave the park to plant banners in the 4 corners of the Ward to remind all of our desire for safety.

            Please come, encourage your neighbors to come, as we walk together for our safety.