SEPTEMBER 27 – Courageous Conversation: Pay Equity for Women of Color

Many people have reported that when they click on the “register” button, the message appears that registration is closed.  This email will attempt to solve that problem.
  1. The issue is that the YWCA is only “licensed” to host 100 or fewer people in this Zoom meeting.  Zoom thinks that there are 100 people who will be attending, so they “closed” the registration.  (The room is at capacity.)
  2. I think this is because each month when new people register, they are now counted toward that capacity figure. So each month we get closer to the ceiling.  It seems that we have now reached the top.
  3. We want everyone who wishes to be a part of the conversation to be able to attend. So here are three possibilities.
  4. If you have registered for previous months and have gotten a link for all the upcoming sessions, please look for that link where you saved it.  If you’re like me, you may have to search your memory, or go back to last month’s email notifications, or say a little prayer for help.  I hope you can find it.  If you do, you can still use it for this meeting.
  5. If that is not possible, we are putting together a “standby list”.  Our attendance has been running between 30 and 50, so it should be possible for everyone who wants to attend to fit into the 100 person capacity.  Here’s how to get on the list:  email Kari Dray – [email protected].  She will have the list with your name on it at the beginning of the meeting.  When it is clear that there is plenty of room in the room, she will send you the link to join.  (You may not be identified with your own name, but you’ll be in on the conversation.
  6. Otherwise, you can watch the conversation and the associated videos the next day or so by going to:  Community Action of Rock and Walworth County – Programs – Courageous Conversations or YWCA of Rock County Youtube channel:
  7. We are working through alternatives for our October meeting.  We’ll let you know along with the general announcement in the middle of the month.
Thanks for your patience and your commitment to racial justice in our community.

COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS, September 27, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.  Via Zoom

Hello everyone,

 Our Courageous Conversations topic for this month is:

Pay Equity for Women of Color – Not just a pay gap, but a wealth gap

Women – and especially women of color – must work months longer to earn what white men receive for doing the same job. This means that over a lifetime of earnings they are deprived of not only the wages lost to inequity, but especially the wealth that would have come from investing that money.  This Labor Day month, we will look at the realities and consequences of the pay gap in our nation.

Please bring your questions and observations.

Here is the link to register:

 An unmoderated 30 minutes will begin at 7 pm.  (We’re calling it The Parking Lot).

Just to remind us all – the agreements for Courageous Conversations are:

1) stay engaged, 2) experience discomfort, 3) speak your truth and 4) expect and accept non-closure.

Here is the reason for the survey connected to registration (in case you haven’t already turned it in):

Demographic information is being collected to provide YWCA Rock County funding partners a profile range of our participants. Names are collected to confirm the number of unique participants and will not be included in shared data. Your willingness to tell us about you allows us to secure funding to provide programs that benefit our community. 

 We hope to see you on Monday.

 Beth, Amiee & Neil