Allies of Native Nations Committee

The Allies of Native Nations is a group of Rock County, Wisconsin residents who are interested in creating a platform from which they can help to illuminate issues in the Native community and provide a safe space in which Natives and non-Natives discuss those issues.

The Allies of Native Nations will also work with other community organizations to help provide educational opportunities. We are all here because we are Allies of Native Nations and want to make a difference in our community. We allow each other to share their voice by speaking and listening thoughtfully. We consider the desired group message, and organize ourselves in a roundtable format with “champions” for projects. Each voice is coupled with responsibility.


Vision Statement:

Allies of Native Nations is a welcoming network of advocates for Native Nations and an educational resource for our community.


Organization Value Statements:

  • We honor Native Nations with respect and integrity.
  • We envision a future of reconciliation through enhanced understanding of Native cultures and history.
  • We have the courage to learn from and share diverse experiences.
  • We are accountable for communicating accurate information that integrates Native perspectives.


Mission Statement:

Allies of Native Nations illuminates Native issues by partnering with Native Nations to create a safe space for educational opportunities in our community.


Allies of Native Nations meetings

Meetings will be from 6-7:30 pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month, via zoom or in person.
Email us if you would like to get on the list for meeting information –  [email protected]
  • September 27, 2022
  • October 25, 2022
  • November 22, 2022
  • (no December meeting)

Replacing Columbus Day: Beyond Time to Honor Indigenous People’s Day – For Educators

Suggested Land Acknowledgement Statement:

We would  like to recognize that we are meeting on the ancestral lands of Native Nations. In Wisconsin, there are 11 federally recognized Native American sovereign nations and 1 seeking to regain federal recognition. We acknowledge these Indigenous communities who have stewarded this land through the generations, and pay respect to their elders past and present.


Wisconsin Historical Society Webinars: Markers, Monuments, and Meaning:

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Allies of Native Nations Get Involved flyer


Resource Guide:

One of our beginning projects is developing an “American Indians Studies in Wisconsin and United States Teacher Resource Guide”

This can be found here:


Download PDF version (updated March 2024)


2024-3 American Indian Resource Guide