Talking to Children about Race

There are many great websites and resources for families and teachers to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. See the below resources to learn more.


·         8 Tips for Choosing “good’ picture books featuring diverse, BIPOC characters, by Dr. Krista Aronson:

·         Diverse Book Finder:

·         Tips for Talking to Children About Race and Racism:

·         Raising Race Conscious Children:

·         Teaching Young Children about Race: A Guide for Parents and Teachers:

·         Children are not colorblind: How young children learn race, by Erin Winkler:

·         “Even Babies Discriminate”

·         Harvard University’s Implicit Bias Test:



Brief List of Diverse Books for Preschool Age:


·         Let’s Talk About Race, by Julius Lester

·         All the Colors We Are, by Katie Kissinger

·         Shades of Black: A Celebration of Our Children, by Sandra Pinkney

·         Our Skin: A Conversation about Race, by Megan Madison

·         I Celebrate My Skin, by Nonku Kunene Adumetey

·         Colors of Me, by Brynne Barns

·         Honeysmoke, by Monique Fields

·         Dreamers, by Yuyi Morales

·         What is a Refugee?, by Elise Gravel

·         Chocolate Me! By Taye Diggs

·         I am Hapa! / !Soy Hapa! By Crystal Smith


Having open discussions in your family about race can include asking questions such as:

·         What do you like about yourself?

·         What makes a good friend?

·         How are you a good friend?

·         How are you kind to others?

·         How are you unique and different?

·         How do you choose your friends?