AUGUST 26 Courageous Conversations 5:30 PM, Merrill Community Center

Hello Everyone,

Our monthly conversation will be next Monday at Merrill Community Center, 1428 Wisconsin Ave, Beloit

The topic is “immigration”.  This is such a broad and changing part of our world, that we haven’t identified a focus for our discussion.  So you get to bring the area of immigratioBn that you are passionate about or that you have questions about.   Attached are a couple of resources.

Below is an illustrated guide to understanding immigration. (Keep scrolling down.)  It’s almost 10 years old, so some things have changed.  For example, the wait times have gotten longer.  Sigh!

I know it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the negative stuff that’s happening.  Detentions. Family separation. Raids. Change in green card eligibility.

Our goal on Monday is to encourage one another to take some kind of action to make our world a better place for immigrants.


Children’s Books about Refugees