Diversity Film Series – The Women on the 6th Floor – Will be re-scheduled

This event has been cancelled and will be re-scheduled soon.


Diversity Action Team of Rock County CC Presents:

 Diversity Film Series

Learn, discuss, eat, create, incorporate and use ideas for personal growth, and get to know other community members in this Diversity Film Series. Anyone interested in film, diversity, human relations, good company and food is welcome. Buy at “Festival” any food to pass and your own drinks. We’ll provide plates, silverware and napkins.



Where: Festival Foods Community Room. 

What : The movie is “The Women on the 6th Floor ” in French.(1hr & 46min)

Who: Open to a maximum of 30 people.

How: Send a request to attend at [email protected]

First come first serve.


Set in Paris in 1962, the story alternates between two different worlds. One is a traditional wealthy family in a comfortable apartment, whose lives are devoted to making money and meaningless socializing. The other is the underpaid and overworked domestic servants living in cramped conditions above them. As few French people want such work, the jobs are taken by Spanish women, eager to escape the poverty and oppression of Francoist Spain, who bring with them their native solidarity and human warmth. 

 DISCUSSION TOPICS – Regret, depression, making a life change, forgiveness, jealousy, servant-boss relations, differences in class, shame.

MESSAGE – Sometimes you must make dramatic changes to your life if you want to be happy.


Rules of engagement: 

We show respect to one another.

We agree to disagree.

We’ll focus on what we see in the film. 

We’re not experts, we learn together.


The women 6th